1. How do I train my pet to use the DogStep?
Some dogs will use the Dogstep immediately. For those that don’t, we suggest you put the ramp flat on the ground & walk your dog over it (a reward placed on the ramp also helps or you might try feeding him (her) on the ramp once or twice). When you raise the ramp, your pets favorite treat placed towards the top of the ramp also works the first time.
The first time up the ramp, take your dog by the collar & lead him to the reward. You’ll only need to do this once or twice. It is important to take your dog for a ride after he has successfully entered the vehicle.

2. I notice a slight bow in my Dogstep as my dog walks up the ramp. Is this Normal?
Yes. The flexibility of the ramp was designed in for two reasons: first, to increase the tensile strength capabilities of the ramp and second, to give your pet an extra boost up as the ramp un-flexes.

3. Which ramp do I need for my car?
Measure the height of the back of your car and look at the schedule. We advising the following ramp:

Height back of the car < 55cm: HalfStep. Height back of the car 70-95cm: DogStep.

You can also look at the pictures. When you look at the examples you will see the ramp used with different cars with different heights. You can compare the height of your car with the height of the cars in the example and you know which one you need.
Are you still in doubt about it you can ask us by e-mail.

4. How do I fastening the ramp on my car?
That’s the big advantage of all the ramps. The DogStep and HalfStep has a step-by-step rubber edge on the backside (specifications). So you can put the DogStep against the bumper of the car without damaging the car. So you do NOT need loose parts for fastening the ramp!

5. What is your Privacy Policy?
AnimalFactory does not sell, forward, or otherwise transfer any information received from consumers visiting our Website to any other entity. Providing your information will not allowed without your permission.

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